Valentines Blues Logo - Mattia Pesiri- AntonellaM

Valentines Blues

Project Details Valentino Blues is a guitarist for whom I created album covers and artworks for his Social Media channels. Client: Valentines Blues Category: Artworks, Cover Album Spotify: Valentines Blues
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Irpinia Illustration by Mattia Pesiri

Irpinia Illustration

Project Details A conceptual design for the county of Irpinia, in Italy. The letters of the word Irpinia have been used to create the illustration. Client: Personal project Category: Artwork,…
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Sud Sound System Flyer - Mattia Pesiri - AntonellaM

Folk Event Flyer

Project Details Folk Event is a music folk festival in South Italy for which I designed an event advertising flyer. Client: Folk Event Category: Artwork, Event Advertising, Flyer
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World Map T-Shirt Illustration - Mattia Pesiri

Pangea – World Map illustration

Project Details Pangea is an illustration that represents the continents of the world in the collision. Client: Personal Project Category: Illustration, T-shirt Year: 2019
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Destination Naples - Mattia Pesiri

Naples Conference Halls Map

Project Details I designed a conference hall map for Destination Naples which is an art and culture charity involved in event promotion in Naples. Client: Destination Naples Category: Illustration, Map…
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