Puma - Italian Rapper Logo

Puma Italian Rapper Logo

Project Details Puma is a Italian rapper for whom I created a minimalistic logo and a cover illustration for his first album. Client: Puma Italian rapper Category: Artworks, Cover Album,…
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Caponiri Logo Presentation

Caponiri Bio Company Logo Presentation

Project Details Caponiri is an olive and grape company based in in Montemarano, South Italy. The logo was created as a combination of an olive and a grape. Client: Azienda…
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Gesualdo Connessa by Mattia Pesiri - AntonellaM

Gesualdo Connessa

Project Details It is a streaming Social Media event born during the lockdown with the aim of connecting influencers people to the Gesualdo population, South Italy. The letters G and…
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Sculture Melillo - Mattia Pesiri - AntonellaM

Sculture Melillo Logo

Project Details Luigi Melillo is an Italian fine art stone sculptor. I created a minimalist logo that represents the soft edges of women’s busts which are a feature of his…
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Drunk Deer project by Mattia Pesiri- Brewery - AntonellaM

Drunk Deer Project

Project Details Drunk deer is my first personal project for a brand new craft beer.  Drunk deer expresses the connection between life and the land. The logo represents a glass…
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Questione di Appartenza - Mattia Pesiri - AntonellaM

Questione Di Appartenenza

Project Details “Questione di Appartenenza” is a membership card for Gesualdo football fan club. Memory, identity, and a sense of belonging are shared by the fun and expressed graphically.  …
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