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AntonellaM is my freelance business based in London.
I have 10 years of experience in digital marketing and building WordPress Websites for creative people, startups, and small business owners.

I am fascinated by people’s ideas, what they do for a living and what they love to do to enjoy life. My inspiration comes from an understanding of how people can get creative with music, poetry, craft and how their talents and passions can improve their lives.

I can help you build and design professional, powerful, unique WordPress Websites, providing specific digital marketing services to take the first step in growing your brand and your business.

Mattia Pesiri, one of our collaborators, is a talented graphic designer who will create your logo, stunning original visual content, illustrations, album, and book covers.

We will pay careful attention to your brand identity, providing actionable tips, strategies, and insights that will help you build a complete visual branding for your business.

Check out our Portfolio and Contact us for a quote.

We are working on ambitious projects for the future and we are planning to get involved with as many people as possible. Our main aim is to make connections and connect ideas. Follow us to discover our work and to keep yourself posted.





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