London Grey – Alternative Rock band

Valentino and Pasquale are two brilliant musicians from Gesualdo, Italy; I met in London in 2014.
At this exact moment in time, they were thinking to start a new project called LONDON GREY.

LONDON GREY is a London-based Alternative Rock band with grunge and 90s influences.
Vocalist and guitarist Valentino and bassist/keyboard player Pasquale create instrumental music with synthesisers and guitars.

The music band has also been influenced by punk background when Adrian Roiz joined as drummer, so the band developed a sound mixing elements of punk, grunge, and progressive rock that led to their first demo “What Love Has Done” by Valentino Forgione (Guitar/Vocals), Pasquale Savignano (Bass/Synth) and Adrian Roiz (Drums), recorded in June 2015 at the Bear Bites Horse Studio in London.

After the first demo, the band held several gigs in some of the most important London venues such as Scala, Spice of Life, Amersham arms, Alleycat, 229 the venue, and has been gaining a momentum lately building a good following.

The band members have been part of different projects before LONDON GREY:
STRIP N ROLL, a hard rock band
FREDY BEATS, a beatboxer.

In February 2016, their first demo “What Love Has Done“ was released on
The demo contains four tracks and is also accompanied by the single “Sick of you“.
The band then contacted MUSICRAISER to seek for support to master, publish and distribute 1000 copies of their new album YOUTH OF A DANCING GLOBE.

To record the album, the band also engaged a new drummer named Olivier Hurtu.
The budget to complete the album with the right features will be £1700 (€2000).
The band is also looking forward to producing and releasing a music video to promote the single and the album.

Why supporting them?
Recording a single song in professional studios cost around £2000, so you can tell how much it would take to record a full album for an independent band like them!

The right organisation and the right people will allow this talent band to record a full whole album with just the same money big companies would use for just one song.
Do you think this is a right cause? Then be free to support them!
The campaign ends July the 15th, and to make it successful, the band needs to reach the goal of €2000. If they don’t meet the target, all supporters will be refunded.
Please make sure you give them a hand, helping their talent, creativity, and alternative culture!


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